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Mazda MX-5 ND / RF ZStyle # 1YOKOHAMA RED
  • Mazda MX-5 ND / RF ZStyle # 1YOKOHAMA RED

    With a combination of smooth leather and perforated black leather steering wheel is padded and reupholstered. Thumbrests, a lower flat, red stitching, 12:00 mark and the change in channels pointed to each other, making the simple steering wheel special.

    We only use original Mazda® series steering wheels that are covered in leather in our designs:
    upper and lower sections in smooth leather (German supplier), the grip zones in perforated leather.

    There is 300 € deposit to your old steering wheel. 

    After receiving the goods back, this is checked by us and we will transfer the deposit amount back to you.

    The steering wheel is now and then on "Out of stock" because at present all manufactured parts are shipped directly to customers back who have already ordered. but you can still like to order it. You will receive an order confirmation stating the delivery date.

      735,00 €Price
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