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MX-5 ND Sport Exhaust Center Exit With Bypass Valve System + Diffuser
  • MX-5 ND Sport Exhaust Center Exit With Bypass Valve System + Diffuser

    I.L.Motorsport Stainless steel sports silencer duet with bypass valve control and center exit.

    Sporty design with 90mm diameter polished endtips.
    The center exit makes the rear of the MX-5 more beefy and completes the entire desgin perfectly.
    Due to the changed silencer geometry and pipe diameter the manufacturer achieved a much better sound quality oppose to the OEM exhaust, and in addition we reduce the backpressure for better flow of exhaust gasses.

    The exhaust is made from high quality stainless steel for longevity and exceptional load capacity.

    Caution: Due to the new strict legislation, the new generation of sports exhausts produces a much softer sound than you are used to. To solve this, we have equipped this exhaust with a bypass valve system for you.
    With this system you can make the exhaust sound louder at the desired moment by opening the bypass valve.
    Please note: operating the bypass valve is not permitted in public areas and is punishable. Ask your local garage for the local legislation!

    Please notice: this product requires small modification to your rear bumper!

    Please also note that this system requires modifications to the front silencer and the rear bumper.


    Including the matching diffuser for this exhaust

    The exhaust has a EC approval certificate!


    MK4 2015 - all models
    MK4 RF 2016 - all models


    * shipping costs needs to recalculate manually

      1.349,00 €Price
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