Naviwax Bucket Filter Complete Set

Naviwax Bucket Filter Complete Set

The Naviwax Bucket Filter is a plastic anti-dirt grid that fits the bottom of various buckets. It works as a filter that leaves dirt and grit on the bottom of the bucket, because of which sponges, washing gloves and brushes do not absorb dirt anymore.

Whenever you slide your washing glove, cloth, sponge or brush into the bucket for more soap, you also rub them against the Bucket Filter. In this way, you remove dirt that sinks into the bottom of the bucket. It stays underneath the Bucket Filter and cannot hamper your work anymore.

The base plates are baffles that reduce the risk of creating a vortex, which brings dirt and sand above the grid again.

The Bucket Filter separates dirt from water in an easy, yet very efficient way. Your vehicle can be washed safely with no chance of dirt and sand damaging your lacquer. The Bucket Filter is perfect for use in the car industry, garages, car washes and showrooms.

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