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IL Motorsport Stainless Exhaust NB / MK2 - 2,5 1,6l & 1,8l
  • IL Motorsport Stainless Exhaust NB / MK2 - 2,5 1,6l & 1,8l

    For all NB & NBFL drivers IL Motorsport offers a single-flow stainless steel muffler as a replacement for the stock muffler.

    Our Mazda MX-5 NB mufflers are mufflers that are optimally matched to the engine characteristics. Built with a 3 chamber system, the technicians have used a 60mm pipe diameter. The single-flow outlet on the right ends in a double-walled tailpipe with a diameter of 76mm. The bevel of the tailpipe rounds here the optics in the bumper cutout harmoniously.
    The high-gloss look ,a clean finish and the uniform welded joints set this exhaust system under the vehicle in scene.
    The sound is more sonorous and sporty designed , but without exceeding the legal requirements.

    The material properties and the design of this muffler are designed for optimum heat dissipation.
    The original suspension points are used for easy installation.
    No modification to the rear bumper is necessary.
    The IL Motorsport rear silencer has an EC approval and is therefore not subject to registration.
    This muffler can be combined with the original front muffler as well as the IL Motorsport stainless steel front muffler ( NB2-704029-IL ) for the NBFL models from chassis number 200.000.

    Please note:

    Suitable for all Mazda MX-5 Typ MK2 , MK2,5 1998-2005

      489,00 €Price
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